Terms and condition

Terms and Conditions:
  • ACE Urology Associates website is intended to provide introduction and educational information only to the patients. It is not meant to provide medical advice for a particular person.
  • ACE Urology Associates protects confidentiality regarding health related and personal information of their patients. Such information is intended for maintenance of medical record or to share it with the colleagues involved in delivery of patient’s care. This information may however be shared with a friend or a family member who is involved in your medical care after obtaining your consent to do so. We may use and disclose your protected medical information without obtaining your consent under the following circumstances:
  • To comply with workers benefit laws for compensation.
  • For public health and safety, for example in cases of communicable diseases as required by law.
  • To the custodian state institutions such as prisons as may be considered necessary for your health and to protect other persons.
  • To law enforcement agencies or courts in cases of criminal procedures.


  • ACE Urology Associates website is available as it is and with all probable errors.
  • Your access to our site is subject to the above terms.