I Abdul Hayee (64 years old), lawyer by profession, was diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer seven years ago.  Biopsy was done in other hospital where the actual reason was known. The doctor in services hospital refused me for further treatment and referred me to consult some oncologist.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre was the only institute came in my mind. I went there in Walk in department. After reviewing my condition, as urination was not under controlled and bladder was not fully emptied so they referred me to Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Urologist/Surgeon, Uro-Oncologist. On next day, I and my wife went there; we were very confuse and nervous. He was very friendly in very first meeting, the pleasure and smile was the only thing that made me calm. He seemed very passionate and responsible. He asked me questions regarding my condition and further followed up after MRI. After MRI, I went again to doctor, there was a panel sitting in a room with Dr. Irfan Ahmed. They told me the whole scenario that there was a cancer in my bladder. And they told me their decision that RadialCystectomy and Urinary diversion would be done and neo-bladder means a new bladder would be made from my small intestine. During this whole time, my heart was started sinking, and went in unconscious state. Then, Dr bucked me up, everything will be gone alright InshAllah. The next week, I was admitted there. On 1st March, 2011, 12 hours surgery was done. When I opened my eyes, Dr Irfan was there with smiling face. This made me relieved that surgery was carried out successfully. Then I was there for seven days more, after surgery. Dr. Irfan visited me every day to watch my recovery. He asked me the questions regarding how am I feeling and how is everything going. He listened me very carefully and answers all my queries too.

Dr Irfan Ahmed is not a doctor for me but a life saver for me. He is a reason that I am still living a normal life. I am absolutely fine and new bladder working normal after seven years. I am still in the follow up of Dr. Irfan. I always found Dr. Irfan Ahmed good to his patients. He is not only a doctor, but also a good scientist to help his patients using diagnostic methods to identify the problems, which are very good scientific approach to resolve problems. No doubt he is a person full of knowledge, caring and enthusiastic regarding his profession. He is very accommodating and explained everything in a calm and understandable manner. I had been visited to a lot of doctors and specialists during this whole problem and it’s very difficult to get a satisfaction from doctor.  I can’t express my affectation and thanks for Dr Irfan Ahmed in words. May Allah Bless him and his family with good health and more success in life (Ameen).

Abdul Hayee (Advocate)

Cell# 0300-4212325



I was a patient of “Bladder Cancer” and was treated in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore. First of all I am extremely thankful to Almighty Allah Who bestowed upon me blessings of recovery from illness and good health.

Then I am highly grateful to Dr Irfan Ahmed Sahib who examined my case and persuaded me for an immediate operation, because I was hesitant and reluctant to undergo an operation. He emphasized that operation was the only remedy for curing this disease. Ultimately, I was convinced and operated on 22.01.2013.

I have recovered from illness and now I am enjoying good health. I have resumed light routine daily life through the grace of Almighty Allah. Besides, I am fully satisfied with the results of the operation, as well as, its conductance methodology and procedures.

Further, I feel it unfair, if I do not acknowledge the services/ help rendered by the nursing staff, who gave no opportunity of any complaint. Specially the name of Mr Sunil is worth mentioning for showing a high sense of responsibility and sympathetic attitude towards the patients. However, this does not mean to under-rate the rest of the staff—they are all dedicated, dutiful and respect worthy.

During my stay in the hospital I felt a sense of complete discipline and even a minutest breach of discipline and infringement of rules was not observed.

May the hospital be a source of help to the mankind for curing this dreadful disease! (Ameen)


Engr. Muhammed Ashraf Mughal

Chief Engineer (SMO), Wapda (Retired)



Dated: 13th September 2010


Dear Sir,

I am taking this opportunity to write to you and give you feedback with the recent experience we had at Shaukat Khanum Hospital (SKH).

We as a family based in the UK had the news which really puts one in a state of shock and fear on hearing that a loved family member has been diagnosed with cancer. Our mother, Mrs Zubeida Begum was diagnosed with this disease April of this year which put all the family through a period of worry, concern and fearing the worst. As we never previously had any family member experience this illness, we were worried and a little confused in what to do next.

After consulting our local GP we realised that with the NHS treatment the period for any treatment can be prolonged with waiting lists, appointments  etc  which can spread the disease further with severe consequences. At this point our elder brother Raja Mumtaz Khan suggested that we will take up private treatment abroad at a specialist hospital, SKH.  We were all aware of the hospital, mainly because of Imran Khan who we have all grown up loving and watching playing cricket and recently following his political life, where Raja Mumtaz Khan also happens to be part of the UK PTI Party, however, we were still a little apprehensive and nervous on what we would experience at SKH.

On arrival, we were taken back with the construction, style and cleanliness of the hospital, with the open garden area , water fountains and  internal seating/restaurant areas it took away the early nervousness with a calming effect for the family.  We were also impressed with the protocols, disciplines implemented by staff, from the initial security checks right through to the reception/administration department handling. It was also reassuring for our mother who knew that she was amongst our own people, environment  and was ready to take up treatment.

The main consultant who was appointed for treatment was Dr Irfan ahmed, who after arranging various tests over a week called us back in to give a comprehensive report on the illness and options on treatment. It was bladder cancer and the decision from the hospital consulting board was that it can be cured, however it would require extensive surgery which would not be straight forward with our mothers age in her late 70’s. After Dr Irfan consulting with our mother, the decision was reached that she will have surgery carried out following a dosage of radiation therapy to shrink the tumour. Surgery was carried out end of July with great success, the tumour was removed and our mother has been recovering over the last few weeks, where she has also been discharged from hospital.

Words cannot express the joy and relief we have experienced with the success of this treatment, where Dr Irfan with the blessing of Allah (SWT) will InshAllah give back the quality of life to our mother. He is not only a genius in his field but above all he is a very good humble human being who treated our mother as if she was his own. He deserves all the acknowledgment and appreciation, where we all from the Khan family would like to thank him sincerely for all his efforts during this period and wish him all the success in the future. We would also for the record like to take this opportunity to thank the following people, Dr Amir Ali Saeed who was the assistant to Dr Irfan, where he was very considerate and understanding through the process. A special mention and thanks to Dr Isma Butt (ex employee @ SKH), we are very grateful to Dr Isma as she originally recommended treatment at SKH and has assisted us tremendously from the beginning right up to now, where we are indebted with her generosity. We are also very grateful to nurse Kiran Younas from special care home services who has done a brilliant job of post surgery wound care. Last but not least we sincerely thank all the nurse, staff at SKH who treated our mother in a professional and courteous manner.

We also had heard that majority of patients being treated at SKH are for free, however we witnessed day in day out that this is not only the truth but the same treatment and preference was given to all patients whether they were paying for treatment or receiving free, which is a great testimony to SKH.

Last but not least we would like to thank Mr Imran Khan, who through his own unfortunate experience of losing his mother from this illness, created a hospital which has saved many mothers,  fathers, childrens from suffering, may Allah (SWT) grant his mother a place in Jannat and bring all the success to him and SKH.

We as a family have not only decided to ensure our Zakat is paid regular to SKH, however will advise and encourage others to donate generously to this hospital, which really is one of his kind in terms of the love and care it shows not only to the patient but also to the family members of that patient who go through this real difficult time.

Thank you once again for assisting our family through this phase which was made easier through each and every one of your efforts, may Allah (SWT) give you all health and happiness.

Please can you forward this e-mail on to SKH staff members and also copy to Imran Khan.


Kind Regards

Raja Nissar Khan