Horizon Hospital

       Monday, Thursday | 11am to 1pm

Ph: 0321-9992911 


  National Hospital

       Monday to Saturday | 5pm to 7pm

Ph: 042-111-171-819 

Book An Appointment:

  • Whilst making an appointment, please send your contact details through (SMS) text message or fill in the form below.
  • You can discuss about your appointment arrangements with one of the ACE Urology Associates by making a phone call on the mobile number: 0304-0035050
  • The appointment for a specific urology out-patient clinic can be made by contacting: 0304-0035050 or alternatively, you can call on the number above to book an appointment with the doctor.
  • The requested appointment will be confirmed through a (SMS) text message.
  • The appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled at your request.
  • You can contact the concerned hospital reception desk as well as ACE Urology Associates (0304-0035050) to finalize your hospital admission, date and time.